Types of Bleeding Disorders ...

Hemophilia is a rare hereditary (inherited) bleeding disorder in which blood cannot clot normally at the site of a wound or injury. The disorder occurs because certain blood clotting factors are missing or do not work properly.  This can cause extended bleeding from a cut or wound.  Spontaneous internal bleeding can occur as well, especially in the joints and muscles. 

There are two types of inherited hemophilia:

  •   Hemophilia A (Factor VIII (8) deficiency)
  •   Hemophilia B (Factor IX (9) deficiency) aka "Christmas Disease"

There are other types of bleeding disorders:

  •   Von Willebrand's Disease - A bleeding disorder similar to Hemophilia that affects both males and females equally.  It is caused by a deficiency of a blood clotting protein called Von Willebrand factor.  Von Willebrand factor circulates in blood attached to factor VIII and is necessary to form a clot.

And some very rare bleeding disorders:

  •   Factor I (1) deficiency
  •   Factor V (5) deficiency
  •   Factor VII (7) deficiency
  •   Factor X (10) deficiency
  •   Factor XI (11) deficiency
  •   Factor XII (12) deficiency
  •   Factor XIII (13) deficiency