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Since 1952, the Hemophilia Association of New York has been dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with bleeding disorders. Through direct support, education, and advocacy, we strive to empower our community. Our commitment revolves around providing essential resources and fostering a supportive environment for those affected by hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.

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About Us

With more than seventy years of advocacy and $2.5 million of research grants distributed, we remain a trusted resource to help drive progress and solutions for people with bleeding disorders. Lifesaving advancements only happen by providing direct aid and services to the people who need them most.

Our regular fundraising and educational events help bring the community together to assist people with hemophilia. We reach the 14 southeastern counties of New York through blood drives, symposiums, and other sponsored events.

a picture of staff at the hemophilia association of new york with one holding an award

Our Mission

To provide information, education, advocacy, and direct assistance to and on behalf of people with bleeding disorders, and to encourage and support scientific research to improve medical treatments and develop cures for hemophilia and related disorders.


A proud member of the New York State Bleeding Disorders Coalition.

State Advocacy

We work closely with multiple New York hemophilia advocacy groups.


Patient advocacy is at the heart of what we do. By promoting the programs and services needed for people with bleeding disorders, we can help drive solutions and treatments for the people who need them.

Our resources can reach more people through close collaboration with hemophilia and other bleeding disorder groups in the state. We are honored to work closely with dedicated professionals to bring support to the bleeding disorder community.


Finding healthcare can be confusing and financially challenging. Our direct assistance program helps people with hemophilia gain access to necessary treatment through financial aid and other resources.

We work hard to organize information about the ever-changing healthcare landscape and its impact on people with hemophilia. Our quarterly electronic newsletter keeps our community of patients, researchers, and caregivers updated.

Past Newsletters

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Financial Assistance

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